Tables and Rustic Furniture.

Rustic tables are aged and formed with rough wood surfaces and simple designs. A lot of these rustic tables are practical and hardwearing, they can take a hit and not tarnish.

These tables go back to the days when people lived in long cabins and there were no prep tables or wood butcher blocks to carry out food preparation. The table was a place where food was made, prepared and eaten because they had no other tools. It wasn't just a piece of furniture, but a functional part of day to day life. Here's a good read about  dining tables to seat 12, check it out!

Rustic decor is typically simple and straightforward using natural materials and rough finishing touches. It plays on nostalgia and the want of simpler times. It is rough and unfinished but comfortable and fits well in modern kitchens and dining rooms.

Rustic tables tend to be rectangular in shape. These tables can be hand painted, finished, or designed in a way that suits your kitchen. Other items can help make your rustic table stand out, like oil lamps, ceramics, tile floors and baskets. Newer rustic tables are designed with a polished top that has to be well maintained. To gather more awesome ideas on  solid walnut dining room furniture, click here to get started. 

The main types of wood are hickory, maple, pine and spruce. The most popular is pine, which is what was most common in the days of the settlers. Pine is less expensive than most other woods. Walnut is another option but tends to be very expensive.

Rustic tables are available in many types of woods and pine is the most popular because of the cost. It is easier to form pine into the shapes required than it is for other hardwoods which is great for interesting designs.

Most people these days use custom kitchen furniture and working areas for food preparation, which means rustic tables are now only for eating. Rustic tables these days are very expensive which explains why tables aren't used for food prep. Wood is becoming quite expensive and can be difficult to get, which is why price is so high.

Many people still prefer to have their tables made to order so it's unique and they have the only one. Having a custom table made is a service that can be provided by many companies and craftsmen. They can make tables to your exact specifications and with any wood your choose. Go to a few stores and check out their designs to get and idea. You can also buy old rustic tables from garage sales and auction websites.

Whatever option you decide upon, rustic tables look great in any setting, but even if your kitchen is not a rustic design they still look great and provide the functionality you'll ever need. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.